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Silver Lining also offers expert consultancy in the following areas

Agile Coaching

As certified SAFe Program Consultant and with 10+ years of experience working in an agile environment, I am perfectly equipped to help your entire company become more agile, delivering customer features more efficient and with higher quality.

Team Management

As a team manager I have many years of experience in building and growing effective and efficient teams. I've worked with local teams, nearshoring, offshoring and any of the combinations to create high-performing, self-managing teams

Project Management

I started my career as a low level programmer and worked in several programming languages. As a seasoned project manager this allows me to translate "techie speak" to "business speak" and make sure everybody is aligned, moving towards the same goal.

Silver Lining has helped many clients with expert consultancy


Release manager

"I have worked with Steven for over a year on a complex project in which he was responsible for managing the integration of multiple systems as part of a larger strategy of unifying the technical core of our operations. Steven is a very helpful colleague who can communicate technical nuances to a board spectrum of audiences, always pitching his explanations appropriately for their level of understanding in order to answer their questions. He excels in an Agile environment and is an expert on using SAFe approaches for large and complex projects. He is professional, conscientious and thorough, while also being engaging and approachable. Of greatest significance to me is his general acumen. I always knew that even if a project was only distantly related to his, he would understand it and take into account any impact or dependencies within the overall programme. As a Release Manager, this has been invaluable to my confidence when managing deployments."

Cybage Software

Cybage Software

Delivery Manager

"A person with full of enthusiasm, energy, knowledge is what I think about Steven. His influential communication skills and project management skills are impeccable.

Whilst always ready to challenge when he felt things were going off the rails, Steven has always been extremely supportive, both of myself and also my offshore team, who have had to face many difficult challenges and repeated steep learning curves as we moved from one assignment to the next.

Steven has put in many hours, often working very early in morning (due to the time difference between Belgium and India), to ensure his wisdom and experience was always available to us during the most difficult phases of the Project.

It has been a pleasure to work for him, and I hope our paths will cross again in the near future."




"Steven's role as Team Lead of one of our ColdFusion development teams has been of great value to Gateway. His excellent technical background, coaching skills as well as a 'let's go do' no-nonsense approach is very well appreciated. He managed to get a fairly new team well aligned and gaining ground very quickly."

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