Silver Lining has the following goals:

  • Offer agile coaching and training in the area of moving your company to adopt SAFe (Scaled Agile framework)
  • Offer team management consultancy for building and enhancing effective and efficient teams in an agile environment
  • Offer IT project and change management assistance to get your project, team or company back on track and to increase its efficiency as well as its quality
  • Keep up with the ever changing digital world and innovative trends

As a Certified SAFe Program Consultant, Silver Lining makes sure that your efforts are going to be implemented in an agile fashion as well. Being agile means a lot more than just working with iterations. It’s about constant feedback, continuous improvement and getting the best out of not only your own people, but also the client. SAFe also includes the entire company, instead of only focusing on the development cycle. It’s one thing to develop in an agile fashion, but most of the time, that clashes with the classic waterfall governance approach. This is where SAFe shines and can help your entire organisation become agile.

Because of the fact that Silver Lining is always looking to offer te best possible service for you and your clients, focusing on the customer, having a pragmatic approach and a “getting things done” mindset are key values for me.