A long time ago, when Flex mobile was still waiting to happen and hacks had to be performed to get things running on Android (ahhh, those were the days…), I managed to create a simple solar panel monitoring app for Android smartphones and the BlackBerry Playbook. That app was very basic and didn’t do that much, but it was free and still is available on the Google Play store (formerly known as the Android market)

For those of you who are not familiar with the app, it is a graphical representation of the current and daily power output of your solar panel installation. The app was called SolarLogger.

After some time reactions started coming in, asking for an update, because some things we’re clearly missing. And I agreed. I just had to find some time to update the app. And guess what, I’ve finally found the time to do just that.

Now the app is available with some necessary updates, but it is also licensed. However, the basic app still remains online for free. What has been changed?

  • Added support for historical data by means of a date selector in the header
  • Added support for multiple inverters in case you have a large solar panel installation. Up to 10 inverters are supported in the graphs and data view
  • Added support for showing the individual values of the inverters in both the graph display and the data view
  • Optimisation of the data conversion and other internal stuff you won’t actually see ;-)

For the moment this addresses most of the requests I have been getting. However, I will continue to develop this app for even more support for months overviews and such…

The new app is called SolarLogger Plus, because it is based on the free edition, with additional features, and it can be found on the Google Play store right now. You can go directly to the app by clicking here or by scanning the QR code below with your mobile device.

SolarLogger Plus

Comments, remarks and additional feature request are always welcome as I will try to update this app as it goes along.