The ColdFusion product team has released their roadmap for the next versions of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder. Wait a minute: the next versions? But they’ve only just released a new version! Yes, that’s right. The ColdFusion team is not one for sitting around and waiting. They constantly keep improving the product to make sure you get the best environment for creating your web applications. You just gotta love these guys for that. :-)

Let’s start with the next version that they have mapped out. The codename for the next ColdFusion server is &qout;Splendor", while the codename for the next release of ColdFusion Builder is "Thunder". What do they hold for us? Well, the server will focus more on mobile and social media integration, as well as have a number of new and improved PDF functionalities, while ColdFusion Builder will also focus on mobile development, but will also allow for extended JavaScript development.

Now if that’s not cool enough, ColdFusion will also move into the cloud and of course we mustn’t forget the fact that at the moment ColdFusion is the only server solution with this level of HTML5 integration, which will continue to be elaborated on as well.

What about the next + 1 version of ColdFusion and ColdFusion Builder? Well, the respective code names are "Dazzle" and "Blizzard" Both products will continue to work on the same mobile and social media integration, but will add analytics and multi-screen support. Of course, performance, security and language enhancements will remain on the agenda as always

Now, one big thing with software releases is of course the question about support. How long will the current version continue to be supported? Well, the chart below clearly indicates that you don’t yet have to be worried about not getting your support anymore. ColdFusion 9 will be officially supported until 2014 and with extended support contract you can even last until 2016. I strongly feel that by then you should definitely moved on to the latest version of ColdFusion to benefit from the upcoming features (especially geared towards mobile). The current version of ColdFusion 10 will get support until 2017 (and 2019 with extended support contracts), which is 5 years at least.

Now, I think that is hardly something to worry about at the moment. Especially since upgrading a ColdFusion server is not really a hard to do. And the upcoming features certainly looks promising too…