An agile conference is taking place all over the world, from the US and Brazil to Europe and even Japan. Both local and international speakers are selected to present their sessions about IT, game development, research, teaching, marketing, … You name it and someone will be working agile in that area.

You will learn and practice themes like Agile, Scrum, Kanban, XP, Lean, Innovation Games, Agile Games, Systems Thinking, Lean Startup and also Problem Solving and Soft Skills. During the conference 2 type of sessions are proposed:

  • Talk : Presenter is speaking for most of the time (often from a slide deck), with audience interaction
  • Workshop : Primarily focused on hands-on participation with the audience

The balanced program offers you the possibility to choose anytime you want a session that could be for Beginners, Practitioners or Experts. With 30minute-break between sessions and lunches, the Agile Tour is surely a good place for networking.

Silver Lining is proud to be part of this conference this year. I will be presenting a session on applying Lean Thinking in IT software development. In this session I will cover the Lean pitfalls you will surely encounter in IT and how I managed to use Lean to overcome some very harsh situations and turn them into well-oiled team efforts.

This session will be presented at the Agile Tour Brussels, Belgium on September 27th. Tickets for the conference are quite cheap and can be purchased here.
The session will also be featured at the Agile Tour Strassbourg, France on October 17th. Tickets for that event can be purchased here.

This conference could also be the occasion for you and your colleagues to meet fellow practitioners or experts. And if you are looking to hire someone with Lean Six Sigma skills, this is surely a good place to find me :-P